Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Case You Missed It

All three parts of my Taiwan Lucy video diary


Tisra said...

I sat at the computer today and showed all three kids your videos. My oldest had such a heavy heart that he was extremely quiet afterward and cried (he's nearly 8). My middle child asked a few questions- many beginning with "why?" (I had to tell him that adults have the same questions) And my youngest kept asking if that was her sister (she's only three and thinks every Asian girl should be her sister). We are all preparing as much as we can to walk out this same journey, and seeing your interactions with Lucy have helped our family talk about the less-than-fun parts of our Taiwan adoption. Thank you for being so vulnerable with the blogoverse.

waiting for referral (on the FEC list since 04/2007)

Rebecca Lily said...


The videos were so emotional to watch. Painful, exhilarating, honest... I felt incredibly sad and happy at the same time. I am so glad you were able to meet and hold your daughter. And yet I feel this sense of sadness: "it shouldn't be this way". I hate that your family has waited 8 months and that you have to wait longer. I trust God's purpose and yet I keep asking Him, "How is it good for anybody that these children wait so long for their families?" I wrestle with those feelings too. We have almost 3 months behind us in our wait for Owen, and probably another 6 to go. It's so hard. I am right there with you girl. Thank you for being so honest... you are an amazing person and Lucy has the best mommy a little girl could ever hope for.

Jaclyn said...

you are so brave and blessed to get the chance to visit your daughter. I pray your court process goes quickly.

Megan said...

I'm still crying both tears of joy to see how well Lucy is doing. Most of all tears for your pain of leaving Lucy. I'm so sorry for your long wait it is so unfair to everyone the red tape involved in intl adoption. I loved the video you seeing beautiful Lucy for the first time, it reminds me of the day my world changed with Kimi a memory we'll never forget. I pray for a fast finish and more important a lifetime of joy, love, and laughter with Lucy.
Lots of Love,

Ann said...

OH Jackie, I just watched the videos for the first time today. I couldn't do it all at once, I had to take a break. My heart just breaks and breaks. I know that it must have been so so hard to go back home. Praying for you and your family that Lucy will come home soon.