Saturday, May 24, 2008

Adoption Community Loses a Child

As you've probably heard by now, Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman—adoptive Dad to three beautiful girls from China—had to say goodbye to his youngest, 5-year-old Maria, after she was struck by a car at the family's home. Words can't express how tragic that is. Here's a video he recently made for an adoption blog.

I also wrote a piece about it for expressing how close the adoption community is and how we're all coming together in support of Steven and his entire family.


Farrah said...

Okay I have a question....Youtube use to have a button that said add to your blog, And now it doesn't.. How did you get the link to have this on your blog..I wanted to post it on mine but can't figure it out!!

Your kiddo's are beautiful by the way...

JackieMacD said...

If you go to youtube, there's a place where it says embed. copy that embed code and paste it into your post. that should do the trick!