Monday, May 26, 2008

The Fanciful Fours

If twos are terrible and threes are—well, what aren't the threes, the fours are truly the year that I will need to stay on my toes. Because what does a fresh-faced 4-year-old do when he's grown tired of spending day-after-day waiting for his little sister to come home? What doesn't he do?

He builds log cabins with his mom.

He does a little face painting with his pal. Note to self: remove markers from area when cooking dinner and not paying attention

And that's right before...

They throw Mommy's money down the toilet. Literally.

Can't wait to see how much damage three kids 4-and-under can do!


Steve n Coco said...

I can't wait to see either! I'm right there with you, albeit a few months behind. I'm glad you're first so you can show me what to expect!

Megan said...

Oh my, Lucy has a lot to learn from her bros haha. After your potty, I'm not feeling so bad coming home to mickey mouse stickers all over the walls.