Thursday, April 3, 2008

TL: Behind the Music

Since premiering the video for Song for Lucy, over 900 people have come to the blog—that's in 3 days! It's been viewed on YouTube over 1300 times and I've seen it shared on other blogs and adoption sites, including Mom Logic, of course.


To know that something Jeff did for Lucy and our family has touched so many others has been a huge gift. To see the one you love's dream of making music realized, if even just a little (so far), makes me so proud of him.

The latest on Lucy: our agency was in Taiwan the other day but we haven't heard any updates yet. I was told they'd try to contact us on April 2 (also my birthday) but nothing yet. But if I get my way after blowing out the candles...

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RP Mom said...

Hang in there. I pray that you hear from the agency soon with an update!!! HUGS!!! Christine