Sunday, March 9, 2008

What the...

Hey, have you noticed something missing from this blog lately—you know, the one titled Taiwan Lucy? Oh yeah—Lucy! We've been lacking in the photos and information, which makes it tough to do a blog all about her, wouldn't you say?

Sunday afternoons are always a promising time... it's bright and early Monday morning in Taiwan. Maybe a certain judge has gotten some rest, had a nice meal, perhaps a little lovin' from the wife over the weekend... whatever his fancy, we're just hoping he's feeling good and interested in changing some lives today.

What do you think, your honor... you up for it?

As for us, we bought Lucy another outfit over the weekend and cleaned out her closet—we're in "nesting" mode around the house organzing and even working on the messy garage. Isn't that what happens to pregnant women right before labor? You betcha.

Stay tuned...

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Sarah k said...

I hope that your courts are done soon and final ruling comes knocking at your door with a travel ok!

Sarah k