Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Mother's Plea

After forcing myself not to call our adoption agency every single day for an update, I gave in to temptation today and emailed. I got a call back a few hours later with an update. It pains me to even write it. The guardianship form (remember that thing they requested back here) is still being "processed" by the judge.

Translation: There is a judge in Taiwan who has done absolutely, positively NOTHING with our case in months. I have images of a file sitting, collecting dust while he (or she) lets our daughter sit half a world away, having no idea that life doesn't need to be that way. Seriously, NOTHING has changed since he received it in December.

I am at a loss as to what to do. I've kicked, screamed, cried, prayed, begged, and prayed some more. If any of you have suggestions, I'm listening. Until then...

Dear Mr. Judge,

I can imagine how busy life is for you, being an important judge and all. You probably have a family too and a lot of added stress. I was just wondering if you could find it in your heart to actually glance at our case and make a decision.

In case you're not familiar with us, and it sounds like you may not be... Our little girl was born February 1st, 2007 ten weeks early and weighing 3 1/2 lbs. She has worked very, very hard to not only hit her milestones, but surpass the expectations of doctors and caregivers.

Our little girl has suffered a great loss—the loss of her birth parents. But with that loss has come a second chance. We want to be the family that she can count on, make memories with, and give her whole heart to.

I don't know if you realize it but you have enormous power. To ignore or abuse that power by disregarding our file is not only irresponsible, but cruel. If you could just spend a few minutes to look into our case, you'd see that we are committed to our baby girl and she is already a very important part of our family. Her brothers ask about her every single day and we won't rest easy until she's home safe with us.

Please, please, please. If you could grant us this one favor, we'd be eternally grateful.


P.S. I know there's a chance that you are a female judge, but it's hard for me to imagine a woman—especially a mother—who could put off bringing a family together.


The family of six said...

Oh Jackie - I'm sorry - I hope that he looks at the case and makes a final ruling TOMMOROW. This is not right.

Lynn said...

Oh my, this is just not right. I am sorry this has happened.

Anonymous said...

My heart just breaks reading this. PLEASE LET HIM MAKE THE FINAL RULING THIS WEEK.

Amy, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren said...

I'm so sorry, Jackie. This is just heartbreaking. I so hope yours is one of the those cases (and I've heard of a lot of these) where the judge does nothing for a couple of months and then all of a sudden completes the adoption quickly. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.