Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Timeline So Far...

Nine months have come and gone since we first submitted our application to adopt. Since we didn't have our referral at that point, we consider that the time we were "trying." If we were to count from the day we were matched with Lucy, we're 5+ months along—of course it feels like a lifetime.

We've been asked by those following in our adoption footsteps for our timeline so far. While our referral wait time was not typical, the other info in the timeline is pretty common...

6/01/07 Met with agency. Submitted application, certificates, etc
6/02 applied for passports
6/04 Livescan fingerprinting (background checks)
6/13 First Homestudy meeting with social worker.
6/15 - 6/22 Medical forms, tests
6/16 Orientation at agency
6/19 Home Study visit at our house
6/23 CIS (Immigration) fingerprinting
7/13 Received Dossier paperwork
7/14 Class at agency
7/18 Passports arrived. Sent SLC app and other forms to HAI.
7/19 police clearance
7/19 sent photos, passport copies, police clearance to HAI.
7/20 File sent to USCIS
7/23 Officially on Waitlist!
8/14 i171H arrives!
9/21 Referral call! We see Lucy's photo for the very first time!
9/24 Accepted Referral.
9/25 Fedex sent for translating/TECO
10/23 Dossier and first care package sent to Taiwan!
10/26 Dossier Arrives in Taiwan
12/20 Court requests new form done
Jan'08 Logged in!


Lola Granola said...

I just want to thank you for posting your timeline. We are just starting this process, still figuring out countries and agencies and special needs and all--but we share choosing adoption to add to an already fabulous family. Here's hoping your judge picks up your file soon. I can't imagine the frustration. Good luck.

lifelaughterchaos said...

Hi! So happy to find your blog! I too am adopting from Taiwan...we have 3 bios and this our 1st adoption. your little lucy is sooooo cute and makes me so excited for our own little princess.

I'm so sorry to hear about your delay. That has to be so frustrating!

Goodness! I just read your timeline and almost fell over! I know your timeline seems like forever, but I would pass out if we got a referral that fast! We are planning for 12-18 months! We have been poking around with our stuff...we started our homestudy/classes and stuff in September...we are finally just about ready to send our agency everything to send off the dossier. My littlest one turns 2 next month so I haven't been crazy rushing.

Drop by my blog...I will keep tabs on your journey to little Lucy...God bless!