Sunday, February 24, 2008

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Number 5

5 months have passed since we accepted the referral of our baby girl. To commemorate the event... a guest post! This one is written by Uncle Scott, Daddy's one-and-only brother—seen here with Auntie Pam in Santa Cruz during our visit last weekend.

Hi Lucy,

This is your Uncle Scott and Aunt Pam writing to you for the very first time. We have enjoyed hearing about you from your mom and dad, but I think it's time you came home so we could meet you in person; so could you please hurry it up please!

Your mom does an amazing job keeping everyone informed about you. We read about you every day and we are looking forward to teaching you the art of "how to spoil your niece" in person.

We love you Lucy.

Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott

A little Mac family trivia: Auntie Pam and I were the very best of friends who had no clue that we'd end up marrying brothers and sharing the same last name. Just more proof that anything can happen in life!

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