Tuesday, February 26, 2008

He Puts the ZZZZZ's in Pizza (again)

Why is it when I put my little man to bed, he fights to no end... but give him a slice of pizza and it's nothing but snoozin'?


Steve n Coco said...

Oh my gosh! This video just cracked me up!! I have two little boys about this age too and they are so funny. I love reading your blog!

Thanks for the entertainment,

Unknown said...

Ok, this was too funny! We have pictures and video of Logan doing the same thing at a teppan restaurant in Epcot a couple of years ago! We had to dig shrimp out of his mouth, actually quite gross, but glad to know that he isn't the only one that sleeps and eats.

Megan said...

Very funny, how does he do that?