Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This Just In...

Two Moms Take Taiwan by Storm, Pick Up Babies

Two more babies are headed home! Samantha and Kimi will soon be coming to America after being united with their families at SLC Tuesday. This just one day after Joshua was picked up by his parents.

Samanta and Kimi's mamas (Lori and Megan) were so sweet to look in on Lucy. In fact, Megan brought Lucy her birthday gifts a bit early. Here's what they said about our little lady.

Lori: I saw Lucy quite a bit. She was being carried most of the time. She was very friendly and I got to touch her hand and talk to her. I was holding Samantha and I so wanted to get a photo but there was no way. Anyway, Jackie she looked really good and happy. I was told she is very quick and has managed to climb into the walker on her own.

Megan: I've waited all evening to email you. I delivered your package to Lucy. I asked to see her and she was being held by one of the nannies. She was sitting on the ground and loving being cuddled. I want to tell you she has the sweetest demeanor, she was so pleasant and smiling at us even though she did not know us. She is soooooo much cuter in person (I know that doen't help you with the wait either). Kimi kissed her it was really cute, I told them they will be friends later. She is on the small side - I guess they all are. She was just so happy, and wearing completely clean clothes, she has dimples that are really cute. I told Jessica you were sad that the papers did not make it to the court until recently. She said she would work on updates soon.

Thank you Lori and Megan! Congratulations to all the families. (Teresa, YOU are next!)


Anonymous said...

I wish I could take you with me to Taiwan! I will try to see Lucy and tell her how much you love her and how you are waiting to bring her home. She'd better get ready to wrestle with those boys! LOL

Judy said...

So glad to hear Lori and Megan got to see Lucy. I hope you will hear soon

Our Family said...

Jackie your post made me cry. I'm sorry things are going slowly. We said a prayer tonight for Lucy to go home soon. She really is adorable and although she's small she's bigger than Samantha and the Mei Chung told me they are all very happy with how big she is considering how small she started out and at how well she is doing physically. She is a little adventurer - perfect for a girl with two brothers!! I hope you hear good news very, very soon!