Monday, January 21, 2008

The Rainbow Connection

Four months ago today, we got the call that our changed our family of four forever. There was a little girl halfway across the world who was the missing piece to our family puzzle. That weekend, as you might remember, we talked and consulted and did a lot of soul searching to be sure this was 100% the right thing for us. Although we knew in our hearts she was our daughter, we wanted to go in with our eyes wide open.

That weekend was filled with signs that the tiny 7 1/2 month old baby was, in fact, our Lucy. But for some reason, one sign that stuck out was the big, bold rainbow that shot across the sky while we talked it over. I'll never forget turning to Jeff and saying "That's our little girl, we just have to say yes." Fortunately, he was thinking the very same thing.

Soon after that, we were told that the Rainbow Connection is a song that's played frequently in the nursery where Lucy lies her little head. We sing it here with the boys and talk about what life will be like when we finally bring her home.

Today, on the four-month mark of that life altering day, this is what the view was from our kitchen window.

Hold tight, little girl. We'll be there soon.


William's Family said...

It really is amazing how all the pieces of what's meant to be come together so beautifully.

- Judy K.

Tisra said...

Gah! I can't cry this early in the day!

What a beautiful testament to the miraculousness of adoption. Maybe you can climb up the leg of the rainbow and slide down the other side to Lucy? Worth a shot? :-)

waiting for referral since 04/25/2007

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

The family of six said...

I didn't know that about the rainbow song - obviously I have rainbows on my mind as well. So many signs that it's meant to be when you adopt - amazing!