Sunday, January 20, 2008

Will Blog for Food

As you may have noticed, Taiwan Lucy's gone commercial with a bit of advertising. It's been something I've mulled over for the past couple of months and finally stopped fighting it. Hey, adoption and parenting cost big bucks, people! And when Lucy gets home, shoes and accessories and ballet and/or football (you never know) get expensive -- and mama needs to help pay for that! So instead of sitting with a sign in a highly foot-trafficked area or emailing friends and family for a little cash (which you should feel free to send, of course)... consider this a very pretty billboard.

Don't judge. Just click on the ads.


Anonymous said...

I've looked all over your blog for a email address and I can't find it. Your story is so amazing and I find myself so involved even though I'm just reading your blog. I hope that Lucy is with your family so very soon, I know it must seem like forever away until she is in your arms.

When Lucy arrives I would love for you to email me or give me a call and I would like to photograph your family to document the special time, no strings attached, no charge at all, I will give you the cd of your images and they are yours to keep. It's just something I want to do, because I feel like I know Lucy and your family from reading your blog.

I hope this doesn't seem weird and please feel free to delete the comment after you've read it, I just didn't have a email address for you.

Angela :)

JackieMacD said...

Thanks so much, Angela. I have no way to contact you. Please feel free to email me at