Monday, January 14, 2008

A Little Perspective

I'm done talking about the glitch in our case and ready to look forward. In fact, this week it's all about my bloggy friends. Marina and her boys finally got the referral of baby Sarah! Judy is bringing Eric home, Lori, Teresa, Megan and Wendy are going to get their kids finally and the kids who've come home already are doing so well - look at adorable Zane, and Sophia has just blossomed - there's so much positive happening, I choose to look at that instead of focusing on the negative.

Megan, Kimi's mom, was SO generous to offer to bring something over to Lucy for us. Well given that it's her first birthday in just a matter of days, we thought we'd send her a little gift to let her know we're with her in spirit and can't wait to spend years and years of birthdays with her.

Thank you, Megan! We can't wait to see those first photos of you with Kimi.

While I was kicking, screaming, and crying last week -- I glanced over at the boys playing and realized that, although it completely STINKS that Lucy is not here yet, I have an opportunity to enjoy the two kids who do live with us right now. I don't want to miss a second. Soon, things will be hectic with three and I need to enjoy the quiet before the storm. ;)

Somebody's really taking his big brother job very seriously lately. In fact, he has a doll that he puts to bed in Lucy's crib, telling her "I'll keep you warm, little baby" while he puts her head on the pillow. Lucy's going to be a very lucky girl with those two. It's especially funny when he tries to "help" when his little bro wants no part of it.

We also got a little "grownup" time this weekend and attended a party thrown by our friend Hungry Girl. (If you don't get her daily emails, you are so missing out.) Check out this pic of us with a chimp! I admit I was a bit freaked out by it (notice I am not touching it) but man was he cute... just like a toddler but without the whining and talking back.


The family of six said...

I think it's good to try to keep perspective and remember that our children that are with us need us now too. I too keep reminding myself that this is the last of my days with just my boys. If we only knew how long it would be! (((HUGS)))

Sherry said...

Hang in there! Its hard to wait (I waited 6 months for the whole court process with Kobi) & it was total h--- at times but there will be an end in sight:) I will keep fingers & toes crossed that you have a very speedy judge.