Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Day 33 Years in the Making...

On September 29, 1974 I was three days shy of 3 1/2 when my mother passed away from breast cancer. Yesterday, my first born was three days shy of 3 1/2. It's a strange thing, looking at your own child -- seeing where you were at that stage of life. It's sad to think if I went away, he wouldn't remember me.

Well those of you who know me know that I just can't allow that to happen. ;) So not only did we comemmorate that day as a family, we gave the boys an adventure we hope they'll never forget!

Where are we going?

To Disneyland!

It's a Small World, here we come!

This is VERY interesting.

Whoah! We love spinning teacups!

Daddy, are you getting dizzy?

We are!

Off to the races...

Hold on, Mommy!

Try to keep up!

B takes Daddy for a ride...


Check out our Mickey ears!

Of course we got some for our little sister!

Last time here as a family of four...

These little piggies went zzzzzzzzzzzzz...all the way home.


The family of six said...

Awww the boys are too adorable. I am so sorry you lost your beautiful mother. I'm sure she is looking down and is so proud of you and your boys and will be key in bringing home daughter Lucy. (((HUGS)))

This is so weird - the letters that I have to spell out are luzyonf...

TaiwanMommy said...

hey you- your mom must be very proud of you. Whatever she did in those first 3.5 years, she did well, cause her little girl is one ellhay of a Momma!

Kyra will be 3.5 years old on 12/6. Thanks for reminding me to Carpe Diem. What was your Moms name? I think I'll make a holiday in her honor too.


Judy said...

I know the boys will never go through what you went through. I love the Minnie ears for Lucy. I will be sure to tell her :)

boys are so cute!!

Rebecca Lily said...

I love all the pics Jackie, what fun you guys had!!! The boys are so sweet.

Holiday hugs & cheer,


Anonymous said...

How did I not know you had a blog?

So glad I found it.

Your boys are beautiful!