Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chokers rejoice: We're CPR certified!

Jeff and I attended a couple of classes Saturday given by our adoption agency. The first was called "Welcoming a Sibling". It was nice to meet some other families adopting from a variety of countries. Knowing there are others out there who share some of the same fears about blending a family was much more comforting than I had expected. We were so happy to meet Marina and Wes, who have three biological boys and are 4 months or so ahead of us adopting their little girl from Taiwan.

We stuck around for the Child/Infant CPR class. Although Jeff and I acted like silly teenagers at first, making each other laugh while we should've been "saving lives" - we really did get a lot out of the class. I feel like we could actually make a difference if we're even put into a situation that warrants it. But I pray that NEVER has to happen!

We also met Judy and Steve at the CPR class. They are waiting to travel to pick up baby Eric. As tough as it is to be on waiting list, it can't be nearly as difficult as having photos of your child but not be able to be with him/her! We're so anxious to be at that point right now. Wishing you speedy and safe travels, Judy and Steve!


R... said...

Nice to meet you, too! I hope your wait is short.

The family of six said...

Hey - it was great meeting you both - the CPR part souunded fun. I hope everything happens for us quickly - I agree the wait after the referral will be hard.

Judy said...

Thanks Jackie. It was great meeting you and Jeff also.
Hope you hear good news soon.