Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kirstie Alley Made Me Cry

It's not the first time a celebrity stirred up some strong emotions within me. But unlike the time I was 16 and Roger Clemens called me a b*%#h, or the time that Ryan Seacrest tried to take me down on the air,  this time the emotion was positive.

I haven't watched Dancing with the Stars for the past few seasons (mostly because they seem to be taking great liberty with the work 'stars' -- I recognize probably 25% of the cast these days). But I usually find myself checking it out during the finale, when the dancing has actually gotten pretty good and the competition heats up.

But today, when I did a search for  Kirstie Alley's video from last night, I never would have guessed I would find myself weeping like a pageant winner on her final walk (picture the shaking hands up by my face, mascara running...)

The 60 year old "Fat Actress" seriously inspired me. With all the taunting and teasing she's gotten over the past several years (don't get me started on Look Who's Talking #13), K.A. chose to show up, work hard and defy public opinion that guessed she'd be knocked out before she finished her first Paso Doble.

So many of us live our lives concerned that it's too late to shoot for our dreams. We use every excuse and do nothing when opportunities present themselves. Would I have guessed my motivation would come in the form of Kirstie Alley? Uh... nope.

But weight didn't stop her. Age didn't stop her. Criticism didn't stop her. Self doubt didn't stop her. No matter how it all goes down, people everywhere can learn from Kirstie Alley's perseverance and know with great certainty that IT'S NOT TOO LATE.

Share one of your personal goals in the comments. What's stopping you from going for it?


Pop Culture Casualty said...

I thought I was the only one that cried watching reality tv. Of course, i cry watching Hallmark commercials. Ever since birthing a baby, anything the slightest bit inspiring makes my eyes sting.

Rusty said...

Ryan Seacrest tried to take you down on the air? You say this in so matter-of-fact a way, like we should know what you're talking about. Have you written about this before?

Ah ha! Thank you, Google!


JackieMacD said...

Here's the direct link to the Seacrest smackdown. http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/5/15/1913844/Jackie%20on%20Seacrest.mp3