Monday, March 21, 2011

Trash Your House, Be on National TV!

I think one of the most consistent lessons of my life has been at the hand of my old pal, Murphy. Funny how they can't make a law to provide adequate health care to Americans, or get it together when it comes to equal rights... but Murphy's Law hasn't changed in years.

Like when I finally get my butt in gear and reach for a healthy lunch, the lettuce is all withered and the dressing has expired. Or when I find myself organized enough to pull out the reusable bags for the grocery store and discover I had pulled them out of the car when at the car wash.

Yesterday, I took the cold, dark, soaking wet first day of spring as an opportunity to pull everything out of closets, pile up clothes the kids have grown out of and even swap the boys' bedroom and Lucy's (closet size has become a "thing" around here). And just like that, I get a call from my friend Jenny, the sassy and funny author of Perfectly Disheveled, that she had passed on my name to a producer at The Today Show.

Cool, right?

I stepped over the contents of my kids' rooms as I spoke with the producer about the segment, waiting to hear what time I should be at the studio.

"We'd like to shoot it at your house."

Hey, opportunity sometimes knocks while we're in the shower. Sorry if I answer the door in a towel.

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