Monday, March 14, 2011

Spinning Out of My Comfort Zone

With only 19 days til I hit the big 4-0, one thing I'm working on each day is pushing myself to try something a wee bit out of my comfort zone.

So today, I hit the gym and took a spinning class with my girlfriends, something that has intimidated me since the last time I took a class over seven years ago... and vomited. I won't even get into how I refused to take the class again until I was done having children. Seriously, you can put a man on the moon but you can't invent a cycle seat that doesn't feel like you're giving birth?

While I'd like to think I looked like this...

I think I probably looked a little more like this...

I may not have been the fastest, and I even had to sit down a few times while the rest of the class was standing up to pedal, but I stayed for the whole hour and never stopped moving -- logging 23 miles and burning over 350 calories. So I'd say mission accomplished. Yay, me.

What have you done today to flex those out-of-the-comfort-zone muscles?


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