Tuesday, March 15, 2011

POLL: Does High School Shape Our Lives?

I was minding my business one day (I do that sometimes) when a friend of mine asked me about my high school experience. Intrigued, we got into a full discussion about how our life in high school reflects (or doesn't) the rest of our lives. So, being who I am... I decided to do a little research. 
This is where you come in.
Please answer all three questions in the same comment (it's ok to be anonymous). Please do not answer only one or two parts -- I need all three. My findings and thoughts will be included in my regular column on Family.com.
Either click here to take the survey or answer in the comments below.
Part 1:
On a scale of 1-5, how happy were you in high school. Why?
Part 2: From 1-5, how happy are you with life right now? Why?
Part 3: Would you say that in high school, you were most likely to...
A. Be "most popular" or hanging out with him/her
B. Be studying
C. Be at marching band practice
D. Getting your party on
E. Hanging out with a close group of friends
F.  Be anywhere that would boost your status
G. Everywhere. You fit in wherever.
H. Be practicing (sports, music or other activity)
I.  None of above (add your comment)
4th Question Added! How strict were your parents?
Not at all.
More than some.
Be honest!


Natasha said...




Only liking that close group of friends is partly why I hated high school.. everyone else played into ridiculous images, teased others, etc and I couldn't avoid it. But now that that drama is in the past, my life is still surrounded by close friends and I can ignore the rest of the world ;)

Anonymous said...

5 - I always enjoyed going to school. Sure, I had a close group of friends, but I was friendly to everyone and loved my time in High School.

5 - I'm married to my best friend, have 3 beautiful children, great family, a roof over my head and the same group of close friends I've had since High School !! What more could I ask for ?


Renee said...

1. about a 4. Why? I was pretty involved with lot so activities, had a lot of friends and had a decent amount of freedom.

2. 5. um....same as above ;)

3. Isn't thee an all of the above?! I guess E

4. Somewhat strict.