Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lesson #32: Friends Like Charlie Sheen Make the World Go 'Round

Facebook is like a class reunion, except for your entire life. That's been proven in recent weeks as I've reconnected with people who've played such a huge role in my almost 40 years.

But I love not only being able to catch up with those I've lost touch with, Facebook has also helped me in growing friendships with people I might only know in passing. For example, my next door neighbor, who I see maybe once every week or two... has become a real friend because we've been able to get to know each other online, eliminating the need for small talk and niceties when we get together. I'm so lucky to have that sassy, funny, honest east coast girl living not even 20 feet away from my house. I can't wait for Brady and her daughter to start kindergarten together!

Another friend the World Wide Web has allowed me to bond with is Renee and her hubby Andrew. Without them, I wouldn't have learned some things over the past several months that have opened my mind to new ideas or known about a local support group of families with autism. And I wouldn't have had two more funny and fabulous people to work with me on our latest project (TBA soon).

But enough about my incredible life filled with the most amazing of friends. Here's a little something to make you laugh, courtesy of Jacob's BFF, Andrew Bowen Charlie Sheen.

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