Friday, March 4, 2011

Lesson #30: I Won't Shut Up

Since writing my very first blog post back in 2007, I've been like a human turtle, sticking my neck out long enough to be smacked on the nose, sending me quickly back into my shell.

I'm done with that.

I have way too much to say to let comments and opinions get to me. I see each and every one of my life experiences and challenges as a gift, a chance to grow that much closer to being that person I want to be (and know I can be)... and a chance to connect with others who have either been there, might soon find themselves there or maybe know someone there and they want to be able to support them.

Whatever higher power you believe in, I just can't fathom that my life is anything but an opportunity to make my mark on earth. I will make my share of mistakes and probably beat myself up way more than is really necessary, but I promise you that when my time is up, I will have done something to evoke positive growth and change in more than just myself.

That being said, some discussions are best kept in circles where they can be appreciated and respected. That's why I have created a second blog. On, I will be talking all things autism, from diagnosis and navigating services, to school IEPS, ABA, treatments, diet and anything else I can get my hands on. I'll be sharing conversations with experts, other parents and researching every possible (some controversial) options families with autism choose.

While autism will always be part of this blog as well -- come on, it's a huge part of my life -- it's not the place for diving into all that I feel strongly about. So come on over and say hi and read my first post: "Telling a Child He Has Autism."

So, what would you like me to not shut up about?



Kelly L said...

I love the standards you live by - on my way to visit your new blog.

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Kelly's Ideas
Amazing Salvation

chris4peace said...


It would be a waste of your talent and passion if you don't share your views honestly!I too am heading over to the new blog!

With Admiration,