Friday, February 25, 2011

Mac Announces New Computers: Yay or Boo?

I posted this on Facebook and was amused by the responses. Before I share what actually happened, I'm curious... What do you think?

What happens when you buy a brand new Mac laptop, only for them to announce their even more powerful Mac (at the same price) two weeks later?

A. They tell you to come on in and they exchange it - no problem.
B. They check the receipt and say "Oh no, you can only do that if you purchased the do-hickey plan with the blah blah blah."
C. They laugh at you, mumbling something that sounded like "Beat it, stupid broad."

So... which one do you think happened? 



Anonymous said...

Honestly, I have the MBP from last year, with every upgrade they had *Note thank you job!!* I'm glad I have the one I have and not the new one.

yes, the new one has a Quad Core I7... and yes it has the new Thunderbolt Port...

But they switched their graphics card to AMD from Nvidia... Sorry going on off on a Geek Rant. But that irked me.

maybe i'll get over it in time for an upgrade in 2 years. Till then this is plenty powerful and came at a great price.

BTW The apple store I frequent would have exchanged. Hope yours did what you wanted!

Carolyn Todd said...

So...what happened?
I'm thinking of asking my 120 marketing students this question...would be fun to see what they think.