Monday, February 21, 2011

40 Days Til I Turn 40... What I've Learned

Last year, I started a separate blog called Surviving 39. I planned to journal throughout the year while discovering myself through relationships, exercise, spirituality and mental challenges, intending to strengthen my brain.

That lasted all of a few days.

Because around the same time, it occurred to me that everybody wanted something. When I reached out to a trainer to get in shape, he wanted 100 percent commitment. Certain relationships required more than I could give and those mental challenges? Classes and activities had expectations I couldn't live up to. Yet, at the same time, I still had three small children (with their own needs, school, 14 hours a week of therapy, etc.), a husband and a freelance career that also assumed my attention would remain undivided.

Everyone got a piece of me -- except me.

So I dropped that blog as quickly as I created it. I knew that in order to survive, something had to give. And why should it be my sanity?

So here I am, 40 days before I turn 40. Do I regret the past year? Hell no. I've actually been able to somehow find a little more balance, if not in my life, in my head.

Do I make time for me?


Have I worked out and dropped the 15 pounds I gained?


Do Jeff and I have regular date nights?

Not a chance.

Am I taking yoga, photography or dance classes?

Uh uh.

But I'm waking up with a fresh perspective and optimistic attitude every single day of my life. Something I had lost over the past few years.

To commemorate my upcoming monumental milestone, I present...

40 Lifetime Lessons Learned in 40 Years 

#40 Often times, breathtaking beauty is found not in the grand, long-planned occasions, but in those everyday, mundane moments.


As revealed in this ordinary tree that stops me in my tracks each morning as I back out of the driveway. 


mgreg said...

Those "grand, long-planned occasions" are few and far in-between. You are right that you literally need to stop and smell the roses (or the beautiful tree at the end of your driveway). That's all we usually have time for nowadays. Sometimes, that's just enough. More than enough.

promisefaith said...

I am turning 40 this year as well and I am trying to prioritize my life. Which for our family actually means me slowing down, withdrawing from courses etc. to spend more time with them and to work on the stuff I enjoy!