Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5 Random Wedding Fun Facts

 On this, the 8th anniversary of our wedding... I thought it was only appropriate to write about the day it all began. So here are 5 random fun facts about the nuptials of Jeff and Jackie. 

1. A broken water main almost took down the entire day. While I barely finished bathing before it happened, our wedding party and some guests were thiiiiis close to coming to the wedding sans showers. At the same time, the reception location was freaking out that they had no running water or ice.

Everything was resolved just in time.

2. I stepped in dog poop. Yup, just minutes after being pronounced husband and wife, my shoe was joined in holy matrimony with the droppings of one messy canine. And like some of our guests, my shoe was trashed well before the night was actually over.

3. Quaint and charming = musty and cold. While we enjoyed our beautiful stay in the main house of the New England inn, it never occurred to the owners to turn on the heat in the surrounding buildings before our guests arrived and filled the oceanside rooms. And while the day of our wedding enjoyed pretty mild weather (50s), as the sun went down, it was well below freezing and the next day was in the teens.

4. I bought my second wedding gown just five days before the wedding. It's true. When I put on my gown the Monday before the event, I thought I was going to vomit. I looked like a football player -- and I'm not talking a quarterback or a kicker. I looked awful. But as I started to panic, I turned my head and there it was... a beautiful, simple dress in my size, with nary an alteration to be made. And I kid you not, it was on sale for 250 bucks. The first dress? I sold it on ebay to a woman who absolutely loved it.

5. We were married in the church that was featured in The Perfect Storm. So I guess in a roundabout kind of way, I'm kind of like George Clooney's girlfriend, right? (Sorry, honey, couldn't resist.)

So, tell me a fun fact about your wedding or relationship!


Siemens said...

Well, my husband-to-be intended to propose across the whispering gallery, which is a sort of round balcony above the main church area at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. So here we are on this once-in-a-lifetime trip and he's (unbeknownst to me) nervously rehearsing the big moment. As we went up the stairs and approached the whispering gallery, a boys' choir began rehearsing down below, making it impossible to hear anything from one side of the gallery to the other. He ended up proposing outside above the dome of the cathedral overlooking the Thames, which was just as nice. Then, because there was no engagement ring yet, he bought me an alien-head ring in the gift shop of the church (who knows why they sold such things there).

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I LOVED all the fun facts! :) I guess my only one is Bobby proposed in front of a church full of people on New Years eve!

Lorraine said...

Our "getaway car" from ceremony to picture-taking-in-the-park was the EXACT ONE used in the movie "Arthur" by his grandmother -- not a replica or a facsimile, but *THE ACTUAL CAR*!!!!