Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do You Have the Adoption Bug?

I've never made it a secret that I consider adoption to be hard. Some days, it's swallowed me whole, chewed me to a pulp and spit me out like a wad of gum, only to be stepped on by some unsuspecting fool. It's true parenting as a whole can leave you crying Uncle but adoption, at least for our family, has had an added element of complication, insecurity and unforeseen challenges.

That's why I'm always shocked fascinated by those who go back for more. For us, we had a daughter we were searching for. I had known she existed since I was a little girl myself. Adoption was just part of what makes up our family -- plain and simple. For others, they seek out children who wouldn't otherwise be adopted, opening up their minds, hearts and homes to creating a life together. Those people carry a determination and strength that leaves me in awe.

Tami and Bobby are two of those people. We witnessed the day their son Noah was forever united with them in Taiwan. Now, they're waiting for their next little guy to come home. To raise funds, they've created some cool adoption-related tees, which can be purchased HERE. Check them out. Maybe they make a cute gift for a family on your holiday list.