Thursday, September 3, 2009

When Life Gives You Onions...

Back in June, I wrote a post entitled "Does This Post Make My Butt Look Big." In it, I dared to show a picture of my rump in a not-so-flattering dress and position (see: photo on left). For most readers, it was a laugh... maybe a time to commiserate a bit. But for one "anonymous" commenter (you guys do know that I can still see who comments even when you don't leave your name, right?), it was an opportunity to be cruel.

Considering I knew the source, it didn't really bother me. But what the post did do is send me a little wake up call that I was letting things go (with a little help from Mr. Gravity). Not a week later, I saw the chance of a lifetime. A major fitness company looking for people to do their 6-week challenge, complete with eating plan and personal trainer? Sign me up! It was time for me to get my groove back.

As you know, I got one of the 15 open spots for the challenge. Over the past several weeks, I have worked out harder than ever before, leaving each session drenched in sweat. I have discovered a lot about my eating habits, my limitations, and myself. Today, I'm one week away from checking back in, taking the famous "after" shots, and comparing my body now to the one that I started with just weeks ago. Only a little more than a month ago, I was weighed, measured and pinched, feeling like I had let myself down by gaining weight and losing myself over the past year. But after starting the program and with every passing day, I began to not only recognize the person I used to be, but have surprised myself with my ability to surpass what I truly thought I was capable of. It has become about so much more than pounds -- it's about seeing what I have in me.

Last week, my trainer extraordinaire shared this with our group and all of his blog readers -- a post completely dedicated to my behind. MINE! I couldn't believe I had actually sent him this photo. Me, the girl with the big "onion" back in June. I might not look the way some may think I should... but I feel strong and in control of my own results. With one more week left in the challenge, I'm more determined than ever and can't wait to see how much more I can accomplish. But next week is far from the end. It's the beginning of a new chapter, one where I give myself the time and attention required to be the best version of me. I now know doing that not only helps me, but is good for Jeff too, and definitely the kids. Don't you think we all owe it to ourselves to be that?

But I guess I should give credit where credit is due. (Sorry Josh, this one's not about you and your mad skills as a coach and motivator.) Had Ms. Anonymous not been her usual nasty self, I probably wouldn't have felt the spark to put myself out there and really challenge myself. So I guess I should thank her.

Instead, I think I'll just say... kiss my onion.