Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hap Bir

It's Lucy 2.5! I can't believe our little hurricane is halfway to 3 years old (which is why you only see half of the "Happy Birthday" above). It's mind boggling to see how much she's learned (and taught us) since coming home less than eleven months ago. But you'll get much more on that as we get closer to our one year anniversary as a family.

An update: Lucy's still very interested in creating mischief, finding something to get into wherever she goes. She is LOVING preschool camp three days a week, making lots of new friends and playing with her brothers. She's completely potty trained, even at night, not even letting us know when she has to use the potty, just climbing on up whenever she feels the urge. (Who is this kid?) All three kids took swimming lessons earlier this summer and she's keeping up with improving her skills every week. I'm actually pretty shocked she can do this much at her age. But what's no surprise, is that she continues to blow us away with her determination and abilities, as you can see by her mad skills in the pool in the video below. Happy half bday, Goose!