Friday, August 7, 2009

And the Answer Is...

When I asked yesterday if you were at the gym, sweaty after a workout, and forgot your change of clothes for a meeting, what would you do, the majority of you chose shopping as the perfect solution. (I would love to be one of those people who would wear the sweaty workout clothes and not care at all about doing it.)

Well, I am in the majority because I, upon discovering my clothes, accessories and hair products were still sitting at home, drove to my favorite store, Marshalls, and hit the clearance rack. (The benefit of living in SoCal is that even though summer items are on sale, we can wear them for a while still.) I grabbed a skirt, t-shirt, and a pair of sandals, tried them on and quickly raced for the register -- grabbing a brush and can of hairspray on the way.

The grand total of my new work outfit, including shoes -- a whopping $33!

After doing the math on how much gas it would cost me, time paid I would lose driving all the way home and back, going shopping was actually a bargain. How often does that happen?

I quickly got dressed in my car (if you were in the parking garage that day, I apologize for the impromptu show) and sprayed my hair back so you couldn't tell I was just getting my butt kicked. I can't say I pulled it off completely but not one person held their nose during the meeting, and I didn't notice those sitting close scooching their chair away.

Overall, I would say my decision was a success.