Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Therapy Begets Therapy

In case I was feeling any regret for making the decision to quit my job (which I wasn't), today would've obliterated those feelings.

I took Lucy to her physical therapy appointment. She's got some weakness on one side that should improve quickly with weekly sessions. As I sat in the waiting room with her, the therapist -- or who I guessed was the therapist because remember, I had never met her before -- came out and said "are you with Lucy today"?

I thought it was odd because we had a couple of conversations on the phone and I told her I was coming.

"Uh, yeah," I said.
"Oh ok. I thought Jackie was coming."


"I am Jackie."
"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm confused."

I remembered at that moment that my friend Michelle had helped us out and taken Lucy to her OT appointment last week and that the physical therapist had seen her with my daughter, assuming she was her mom. Which, in all fairness, is a pretty good assumption considering MIA mom had never made an appearance to PT.

"Oh! That was our friend who brought Lucy in."

As I heard the words come out of my mouth, I got a pang of queasiness as I swallowed back the tears. If that's not a sign of the right choice, I don't know what is.


Anonymous said...

you quit which job????!!!! sugar mama

Ramona said...

Not to miss the point, but how interesting that Lucy has a weakness on one side - Jaden does too. Mild CP has been suspected (preemie thing) but I wonder what else?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its definately a sacrifice to stay home, but seriously worth it. At least it was as simple as that huh? We all get it, I'm sure.
What kind of weakness? Gabriella just got a full leg cast on last Wednesday because she had an untreated club foot. It wasn't nearly as bad as most of the cases. The doctor couldn't even put her on the lowest scale to judge it between 1 to 3, said not even a ONE, but that right side is definately weaker.
Goes to show that even after all the red tape and paperwork, even after getting our girls home...the hurdles we're still jumping. These will be some of the strongest women we'll know I tell ya!
~gysens x3