Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Question of the Week

If you were going about your day and suddenly a genie pops out of a bottle, offering to grant you three wishes, what would they be?


Eva said...

I can't believe I'm the first. Here goes...

1. To see my Dad again
2. To know that my kids are going to grow up to be well adjusted, happy, successful adults
3. Not to have to worry about money.

Ramona said...

OK. Here goes.

1. Happy healthy kids.
2. Be here for my kids when they get old.
3. A dog that doesn't shed.

If I still can't post here, then it's just FB from here on in girlfriend!

linney said...

1. to have my parents closer
2. to have more time in the day (i can't seem to get everything done, i don't know how you do it!)
3. to be able to keep my kids this age for a litte longer

Michelle said...

1, 2 & 3 To have unlimited wishes for the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

1. A cure for ALS.
2. Enough money to provide an education for my children and a comfortable retirement for my husband and me.
3. To have my high school bady back.

Unknown said...

Considering the day I'm currently having, I am going to be selfish:

1. A dirty martini
2. A one-way ticket to someplace tropical
3. $50k in cash

Wahhhhh...why does Friday have to feel like Monday sometimes?!

momwithfaithandhope said...

1. Clean Water and Safe Homes for all God's children.

2. A happy and healthy life for me and my family.

3. (I'm cheating here since it's Friday) - To have all my prayers answered!

RP Mom said...

1. To keep my family healthy

2. To have my side of the family live closer to us

3.and the super selfish one, $$$ to buy that bigger house and big back yard that I dream of.

Judy said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment.

My three wishes?

1. Financial security for myself and family
2. Optimal health for me and my family for the rest of our lives
3. Food and water for every one around the world with destroying the planet or igniting wars (so much conflict in the world is because people don't have these basic needs met).