Friday, May 1, 2009

I've Missed You!

Well, it's been one crazy week! I've traveled the blogosphere, guest posting about aging, single parenting, men, and relationships. Thanks so much to my blog-in friends Charles, Cheryl, Jackie and Gwen!

But who knew that writing here was the one thing keeping me out of trouble? I stirred up a little controversy this week. After hearing the very single Ryan Seacrest give a married father of four advice on his show, I wrote a post expressing my not-so-subtle thoughts, angering the one and only Ryan Seacrest himself! He invited me to "discuss" it on his morning radio show on KIIS FM. Click here to hear us go head to (perfectly-coiffed) head and read my original post.

Click here for audio!

Then it was up before dawn, talking with the guys of Boston's Cool102 this morning, promoting Mom's Nite Out -- a HUGE national event happening next Thursday 5/7 both through hosted events and online -- the momlogic community throwing the biggest virtual event of them all! Did someone say six hours (6-midnightET) of giveaways, live chats with experts and really cool moms, all coming together to celebrate motherhood? Yup! My friend, chef Susannah Locketti -- you may know her from the Food Network -- is giving away a VERY cool Pandigital Kitchen Technology Center. Check it out!

On a more serious note, I came across an article yesterday written by CNN's Mike Galanos, based on my recent CNN appearance, talking to him about the latest issue to hit teens. UGH, can someone tell me how to freeze my kids at this age?

Happy to be back here! What have you all been up to? Let me know!


Tisra said...


To be honest, I didn't read the rest of your post. I hit the Ryan Seacrest part and had to rush over and listen. I loved your post/ open letter. Surely he's smart enough to know it wasn't a true personal attack- it was creative writing to showcase your opinion. (I had to laugh about the way he continued to edit your "boyfriend" term!). Anyway, I did not hear the original call, but I firmly believe that the goal of "happiness" is used too liberally. Yes, we should all be happy! Yay for happiness. But, true life is that not every day, nor every season will be filled with it and that dismissing a marriage (with four kids!) because you deserve to be happy is silly. Weather the storm, make some personal changes, and see how it goes. No, emotional abuse and being talked down to aren't great for kids. No one mentioned that divorce isn't great for kids, either. the statistics are staggering regarding the impact of divorce on children. It's heavy stuff, and best left for the professionals and those who intimately know the *complete* situation. Anyway, I could rant for ages because I believe in marriage so much. It's worth working for!


Tisra said...

Oh no! I kept reading and the Plan B thing has me so hurt feeling. Abortion beliefs aside.... we're talking about the emotional support our daughters (and sons) need. Rulings like this essentially say that the government doesn't trust parents to make the right decisions about their children- or to deal with their children's decisions with respect and love and sensitivity (some don't - but what about the majority?). And, as the point was made, they trust children to make HUGE decisions well without out incident- ALONE. Some states require kids to be 18 to drive without restrictions on their license. Yet, high dose drugs can be had at 17?! Jackie, I love your writing and your hot topics- but I was NOT ready to get this fired up so early in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to hear the Boston bit as well?

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I missed you too girl! :) Glad you are back home where you can stay out of trouble! heehee
Noah, Celeste and Jeremiah's mama