Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Confess

What are you doing right now -- like, right this second? Are you reading this when you should be working? Making dinner? Helping a kid with homework? Doing your own homework?

Every day I find myself doing things I would be embarrassed to be caught partaking in. For instance, if you saw me right now in the workout clothes I put on at 7 AM, even though I haven't mustered up the energy to exercise, I would feel a little red in the face. And God forbid you saw me shovel bottom-of-the-box Cheez-It crumbs into my mouth, calling it lunch. Yeah, if you caught wind of that I would surely be humiliated. Oh and I would run screaming if you ever witnessed the way I check Facebook during "family movie night." (really, am I expected to watch Bolt for the 47th time?)

If anyone on this planet appreciates a good confession, it's my friend Romi. She's the author of True Mom Confessions and the addicting (and anonymous) Her new book is a fantastic summer read and guess what -- you can win it!

Comment below, telling me your juiciest confession and you'll automatically be entered to win one-of-three signed copies! Who doesn't love a little guilty pleasure?

Contest open until 11:59 PM on June 15. Winners will be chosen at random and announced June 17.

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Michelle Chissler said...

Is this post me, or what?? Yeah, it's nearly 7:30pm EST and I SHOULD be feeding the kids, but, uh........

I started cleaning the desk which turned into checking email which turned into checking my blog which turned into logging into Crackbook only to find your post about THIS blog's a vicious, vicious cycle, I tell ya!

I'm always doing something OTHER than what I'm supposed to be doing. Always. It's so sad. LOL

Sarah said...

feed works now. thanks!

I should be spending time with my in-laws, but they are looking at dumb photos of cats. Humm... read Jackie's blog... look at photos of other people's cats. That's a tuffie.

momwithfaithandhope said...

I should be microwaving my leftover pasta. . .today's lunch, but decided a little Silver Whining was needed. Already consumed a pear and a handful of grapes. Oh, and some wheat thins and generic Nilla wafers (Kids' Reject snacks) for breakfast. I need to get to planning Gracyn's birthday party!

Huriya said...

I should be working (like at work place), I have no clue how I stumbled upon your blog in the first place and its been more than 30 minutes and I am still here.
Such a long yet interesting process of adoption.