Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Will I Wear?

Growing up... let's just say being the eleventh kid bled into all other areas of my life.

I started t-ball at five years old, then moving to softball. Year after year, I spent lots of time sitting on the bench near the water cooler (picking splinters out of my butt) during my softball games. (FYI - now, as a parent, I think it's BS that a coach actually doesn't allow little kids to play.)

In high school, after over a decade as a cheerleader, I quit the cheerleading squad because, even then, I could see the coach was a has-been cheerleader who took herself much too seriously and really needed to learn to let go of the old days. She lived and breathed cheerleading and it took everything in me not to let her know how I felt.

And prom? Let's just say I was never asked. And when I did do the asking -- he took two weeks to answer the question. Seriously, teenage boys are just dumb.

But a couple of weeks ago, the memories of my being picked last -- or not at all -- dissolved into thin air (at least for a minute) when I got an email from my pal Charles Orlando, author of "The Problem with Women... Is Men," who invited me to join him and a fabulous trio of women for a "Blog In." Look at that, I didn't even have to beg!

After I asked, what the heck is a "Blog In"... I agreed.

We will be posting guest posts on each other's blogs each weekday next week. I'll be sharing my thoughts and opinions (my favorite thing to do) with Charles on TheProblemIsMen.com, with Cheryl at TheDailyBlonde.com, with Jackie at AgingBackwards.com, and with Gwen at TheDuckWalk.com. While I'm doing that, they will also each do a guest post right here on Taiwan-On. Cool, right?

So stay tuned and join in on the conversation. I'll also post a schedule of where you can find me during the week.


AgingBackwards said...

Luv ya! So proud to be included with the likes of u! Hugs!!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

OH Jackie :) That is neat that you will be travelin so to speak :) heehee I am excited to read what you write there and what they write here! :)

Hey I am so glad that I picked you to travel to taiwan with! HEEHEE! :) Best time of my life :) Good friends, get a baby, paradise, what more can you ask for! :)
Celeste, Noah and Jeremiah's mama

Barbara said...

sounds like you are going to be very busy. I hear you about sitting next to the water cooler! That was my best friend during my Basketball days Damm coach Cantillion!

TDB said...
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t said...

Very Excited!! And...just so you know...I was never picked for ANYTHING in school. Unless it was to help someone on a test. They just wanted the answers.


Pam said...

That's great news! You're officially a part of the Blog "In" crowd, very proud of you, you deserve it!

Charles Orlando said...

You are NOT last, my dear... but a member of the Five Elite!!! Looking forward to next week!!

Tisra said...

Start believing it, Jackie- you're not at the bottom of the totem pole anymore! Far from it, you talented woman!!! Congratulations on being picked. Looking forward to your guest posts (here and on theirs!). Great idea.


momwithfaithandhope said...

See, I'm tellin' ya - your kids can get job offers via your blog. You're frickin' famous! I'm savin' my "I survived Taiwan On" Tee-shirt forever. I should've made you autograph it!

Ramona said...

I'm wondering what happened to the blog-in. Wasn't a blog-inner supposed to blog on your blog today? If Bob blogged on Betty's blog, bet they'd bounce and bob.