Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WANTED: Blog Designer and Photographer

Don't you just hate it when your co-workers use company email to sell their little angel's Girl Scout cookies? Or when you buy something from a company who insists on sending you emails every day pushing sales on products that you just purchased?

Yeah, this is just like that.

I'm looking for a fresh, clean new Taiwan-On design and know you, the readers, have your finger on the pulse. So if you either A. know someone you'd recommend or B. frequent a blog who has a really cool design, comment here and let me know. I have my favorite designers but they've since brought home babies and seem to be at capacity (I have no idea what that's like).

And, are you a photographer in Southern California who wants to get the word out about your studio or services? Use me! In a perfect world, I'd do a trade -- you provide a photo session and a few prints... I would provide publicity on this blog, Twitter, Facebook, momlogic community, etc. We're talking thousands of people -- several hundred in southern California.

Please forgive me for abusing what little power I have. Oh and be sure to forward this post to 5132 people in the next 30 seconds and you'll have millions of dollars and unicorns flying out of your ears within three days.


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Shameless Jackie!!! ROTFL I adore you!!

Stellan Bracelets said...

I'm a photographer from Atlantic Canada, but I'll be in SoCal in a few weeks (mid-March, for a week), and I'd be willing to help you out for nothing in return -- I don't want to advertise at all, I just want to enjoy photography! Besides, who wouldn't want to photograph your gorgeous kids!

If someone who wants/needs the advertisement, though, by all means, use them first. :)

Sarah said...

Blog design: I recommend Jen. Here's her linkie. She just did two blog designs for Andrea the Happy Hippy and they re looking very fresh. I referred Andrea there. Jen's a hard worker and an adoptive mommy.

momwithfaithandhope said...

Ooooh, this is good. . .I need a blogover too, and now I can just check your blog for hints!! I'm going to check out Sarah's linkie - afterall, she's my favorite too - but she's busy with drool and teething!

Unknown said...

The lady who did mine was great. Blog Designs By Shauna (her button is at the very bottom of my blog page). I found her after seeing what she did for my fav site. I LOVE Crash Test Dummies.

The Family K. said...

I wish I had some recommendations to give you, but my favorite desginer is out of commission for good reason.

Unicorns flying out of my ears... ha ha ha, you funny lady, you.

Tisra said...

Okay, I love the unicorn comment. Hee Hee.

I would say that Rebecca of Uptown Design is my favorite for-hire designer, but she just brought Owen home and is only doing limited jobs. She is doing a blogover for our adoption fundraiser, though. So, some lucky person out there is going to win her services. But, I'm not drawing a winner on that prize until April 17th. Doesn't help you now.

Hmm... other than that, I haven't a clue!


Jeri said...

I too 2nd a nomination for Jen!! She did our design and I love it. It suits us perfectly.
You totally crack me up. If I see unicorns anywhere, I'm calling the doctor. :o)

Anonymous said...

Would these be nude photos? Cause I know a few guys who might be interested.

Jeff said...

You only know a few Wendy? I thought you were better connected than that.

Jana said...

I love Julie from LeeLou Blogs. Her work is amazing and her turn around is quick.

Here's her e-portfolio: