Friday, February 13, 2009

Reason #47 My Husband Is Cooler Than Yours

This morning, Jeff will pass on a full night sleep to go and volunteer in Brady's 3-year-old preschool class.

And next month, he'll be playing music when it's Jacob's turn.

What makes your significant other cooler than everyone else's? We want to hear!


Anonymous said...

Mine is taking our 6 yo daughter on her first "date" a parent/child Valentine's Dance at her school. He hates the idea of going to a dance, but wants to make it special for her. She's getting all dressed up and is SO excited.

Rebecca Lily said...

Awwww, Jeff! What a good daddy. :)

I think my hubby is pretty darn cool... let's see... how about, he NEVER worries. And I do mean NEVER. I don't know how he does it (it's maddening to me, but it IS pretty cool.)

Tisra said...

There was that year Eric took me to Paris for my birthday.

Or the times he's locked himself in the baby's room with pumped milk so I could sleep all the way through the night.

Or the 3 dozen flowers on our dining room table right now.

BUT, I'm easy... I love it when he cleans out the hair from my hairbrush for me. I find that task completely repulsive (and it's my own hair!)

So glad we both have gems, Jackie. Yay Jeff!

missing the little girl I've never met

Retro Girl said...

Hmm. My hubby will go shopping with me, hold my coat, and help me find stuff. He's a good sport.

He cooks...leaves me love notes...and rides this rollercoaster of waiting for our Korean adoption with me. He's gonna make a wonderful loving daddy. I can't wait.

Bravo to your hubby! Thanks for the follow on Twitter...glad I found the link to your blog! :-)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

He left a meeting, drove home to get a spare key and then drove to another town to bring me a key to unlock my car that ALL THE GROCERIES AND MY PURSE, KEYS AND CELL PHONE were in and didn't say one word about my stupidity.

And I want Rebecca's husband's genes, the not worrying ones. Do you think it could be cloned.

Jeff said...

I'm struggling to remember what reason #46 was...

Erin said...

Mine is an amazing vacuumer. Also, he changes the babies' first diapers every single morning. It only buys me like 5 or 10 minutes, but those are 5 or 10 really nice minutes.