Monday, February 2, 2009

If You're Reading This, You're Lazy

I know your type. You arrive here every day, expect me to do all the work and you just get to stop in, browse around, maybe have a chuckle or an opinion and then just leave.

Not today, baby.

Come on, why don't YOU amuse the rest of us with a little something in the comments? Wait... don't you click away, click comment! We want to hear what's going on with YOU!

I now will sit back on my butt and eat Bon Bons while you do my work.


Allyson said...

I'll entertain you by sending you to my blog. I took pictures at the Chinese New Year in Chinatown, Chicago. I spent much of the day editing and going through photos so this is as entertaining as I can be today.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be lazy. As I am at work "talking" to my 16 month old daughter on the phone, reading your current post, checking my e-mails and listening to voicemails- I am struck how exhausting multitasking is- and that is before I really have dived into my projects for the day:)

Lynn said...

You don't want to hear about my boring life. I am bored, bored with everything, need to find something to make me feel alive again.

Anonymous said...

I work from home, and when I get a break I scan all of my favorite blogs. I am currently waiting to travel. In November the referral of a two year old little girl arrived, and currently am waiting to travel to get her from Thailand You have a beautiful family and your blog writings are very entertaining. Thanks.

Expecting Good Things said...

Ummm. Well, we have the flu over here. That's kind of amusing right? Breelyn gives us absolutely NO WARNING on when she's ready to spew. I'm going to have to fumigate this house soon. She's actually feeling better today. Napping as I type. Now I have to wake her up and take Bailey to the dentist. My life is EXTREMELY EXCITING...

Stellan Bracelets said...

I'm not sure I have anything worthy of amusement for anyone... I am on week 6 of pneumonia, I feel like my lungs got stuck in a blender, the most exciting thing I do on a Friday night is read books, read the Bible, watch a bit of TV (gasp!!), and try to keep from getting frostbite.

We're possibly moving from Atlantic Canada to California. We won't know what to decide until we head to California in March to check otu schools, houses, etc, etc. Exciting, and kind of interesting.

Other than that, life is a blur of science projects, wet bedding, meals, laundry, and such... but it's worth it. Life is awesome!!

Briana Ward said...

Ok you got me. Happy Birthday Lucy, you are a blessed little girl to have such a wonderful family!!!!
Now I have to get back to life and pick my kids up from school before my sons therapist gets here! Have a great day, and eat a bon bon or 2 for me :)

Anonymous said...

That will be the day you “sit back on my butt and eat Bon Bons while you do my work”. Admit it Jackie you are recovering from all day at the Chinese New Year’s festival Saturday and Lucy’s birthday party at Scooters Jungle Sunday. I saw you climbing up the big slide multiple times carrying that heavy weight we all call Brady. I was impressed; it was all I could do to make it up that slide with ultra light weight Lucy. You deserve a day of rest so enjoy it. I’d like to write more but I need stop to eat lunch so that I can take another Motrin.

Love to all,


Room for More said...

awww, man, Bummer! I thought for sure, 'anonymous' would have piped in by now?? Uh-oh, oops! Did I mention that 'person' again? Ouch, Shame on me! It must be the cold medication I am on.

Oh, and I don't have anything witty over here. We're all down with bronchitis (me and 4 out of 5 kids). I do hope you play the game I posted on my blog and then start one on yours? Rest up!!


meow said...

Ohhhhh goood one Jackie.
too true... You are always taking time to write and amuse us all.
Not really doing much here but I did just tell my children a story from my childhood.
I keep trying to type but they continue to nibble at my ankles. It's an age old problem.

Not that you reallly want to know, but you did ask so....
Here goes:
The story is called Jello.
Once, when i was six, i was helping my mom make jello.
My six year old has no idea what jello is since he refuses to eat anything made from animals.
He's missing out on a big part of the story i think.
In my family, making dessert was more of a full family affair, as i grew up with 6sisters and 2 brothers and we all wanted to help in some way.
On this occasion, my older sisters got the job of adding the hot water and then the icecubes to the jello powder. I was the stirrer.
This day also happpend to be one of the first times i was allowed to chew gum and i refused to spit it out. For hours.

So when i had my turn to stir the jello, the jello accidentally Dropped from my mouth.
It was a horrible feeling and i was overcome with sadness.
Afterall, we had 9kids in our family and i really wasnt sure when i'd get another chance to chew gum.

My mom tried to comfort me and help me find my precious, but by that time the jello was solidifing and we could not find it.
It was a big bowl and there were also manderin oranges and marshmallows in it. Of Course we couldnt find it.
My mom just went with the flow and told me that oh well, someone would just get an extra special surprise in their dessert.

Not really much happened after that, other than the long wait for dinner to be over and the jello to be done doin it's chillin thing.
I was quite anxious.

Finally dessert time came and my dad happened to get a surprise peice of chewed up bubble gum in his jello.
Kinda gross actually, but after nine kids, i'm sure it didn't faze them much. i must go try to finish my 25random thingie list. Ha. right.
who has time when they're writing someone elses blog for them??

Stay tuned for the sad story
of the rootbeer barrel.


momwithfaithandhope said...

Ahem. . .I should be working on our readopt paperwork, need to finish planning a birthday party, should NOT be checking your blog at the moment, as I'm merely taking a break from work, but here I am. Not wanting to appear "lazy" visiting your site without a comment or a story to tell. I'm with "Papa" you just need a break from Lalapa-Lucy, and perhaps you're working on that new video?!!! We'll take the "insult" of being called lazy. It's worth it. I know it will be worth the wait for Lucy birthday pics and the NEW video. Now post it already! As far as entertaining stories. . .well, I watched the superbowl yesterday for the first time in my life - sure I've sat around while the game was on, but I actually watched and had to ask a million questions, because although I was a cheerleader, and cheered at football games, there's apparently a lot more than just "offense" and "defense" - I learned a thing or two, and somehow I ended up wanting the Steelers to win. I know, boring, but I guess boring is better than lazy, right? Oh, and on the "therapy" front, my question of the day - how many appointments/evaluations can a 2 year old have in a week? We're 3 for 3 DAYS! When people ask, how was the appointment? We're like, which one? Which therapist?! Geez. Okay - hope that last bit was somewhat amusing.

Shirley H. said...

Hmm.. let me see.. i'm not lazy as i'm working while surfing some of my favourite blog and sip a mouth of hot tea but is lazy to eat my chinese styled breakfast.. i work in a primary school library where there's no peace as is a health screening (for the children)held inside here.. not lazy to leave a comment as i'm not good in words.. hehe~

The Morrows said...

Just followed you on Twitter -seems we have had similar experiences with early intervention and adopting a daughter from Taiwan.


Josh and Linda said...

But I want to be lazy. I'm tired and have too much work to do. David turned 2 on the 26th of January. I wonder if he and Lucy were friends at St. Lucy's? - they must certainly have known each other. David's favorite books are the "No David" series. He definitely identifies with the main character and likes to walk around the house saying "No David". OK now I need to go write a lecture for tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

OK, here's a little story about the way that Jackie and I met, oh maybe -- 16+ years ago?

We were taking our college campus shuttle bus from one campus to the other, and Jackie kept tapping my arm and saying something like, "Hey...", to get my attention.

So I turned to her and said something like: "Can you please stop tapping me? My name is Cheryl!"

And then I think she asked me if I had "ever heard of a song called "Daydream Believer", by the The Beatles."

LOL, xoxoxo !!!

Monica said...

Lazy? I guess you're right. I'm procrastinating from doing Calculus 3, Physics 2, Statics, and Computer Science homework. I have a test on wednesday and thursday this week and tuesday next week. I'm staying up all night to go to Denny's with my friends @ 6am cuz we can get free Grand Slam breakfasts according to the Superbowl Ad. What else...Rolla got more than 1 inch of snow for the first time since I've been here (its usually just ice) and that gave me some entertainment for a while. I have a serving skills test in my "Beginning Racquetball" class on Thursday. Umm...other than all that stuff and 2+ hour meetings each week that take up my time I haven't been doing too much. I miss you and the rest of the Mac family and I cannot wait to see you again!!

Anonymous said...

No fair hogging the bonbons! Do you have the ice cream ones?

I can't think of anything the least bit entertaining to say but as a recovering overachiever, I read the demands for entertaining comments as an assignment and felt obligated to complete it.

Paula Perry said...

i'm at work, should be working. i only have 2 days left at this job so i have tons of stuff to do..can't be bothered so am reading and writing blogs. its nice to see what else is going on in other peoples lives.
I am looking forward to your next post

Anonymous said...

Nothing doin', sweetcheeks. You want to be entertained, you come to my pad, dig?

Hey when did I become a character in a 70's tv show?

Anonymous said...

Now you see why everyone THINKS they can write but almost no one can.

JackieMacD said...

You guys certainly lived up to entertaining the rest of us! This is great!

PS Cheryl, that story is SO WRONG!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I know, I was trying to make you laugh (as you were 'eating your bon-bons, which by the way, I know is so-not-true, because you never sit still, either!)

The bus-story was the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what I wrote. (I was tapping Jackie and she was the one who introduced herself.)

And the song-thing never happened. That was a joke.
*I* am the one who sometimes gets Monkees' songs mixed up with Beatles' songs. [And everyone who knows you, knows that would never be you! :)]