Friday, February 6, 2009

The Healing Power of a Camera Flash

Given my last post, you all probably think things are going a lot like this...

A sick and cuddly baby... a mother so concerned, she didn't even consider leaving her baby girl for a minute to shower (or pee for that matter ;)...

Yeah, that lasted a few minutes. I'm just glad Jeff grabbed the camera to document or no one would believe it.

The next morning... the hurricane was back in action, up to her old tricks -- and a few new ones.
If I can recall this correctly, one exchange in particular went something (a lot) like this:

Me: Sweetie, you can't climb from one chair to another. It's dangerous.
Lucy: giggle giggle

Me: Lucy, what are you doing?
Lucy scrambles like a cockroach who just got caught in a bright light.
Me: Lucy, where are you going?

You can see how it went.

And it lasted a good 20 minutes of her giggling and me snapping pictures.

After that?

I swept the floor. Who knew it was so dusty? That darn camera flash.


Ramona said...

Waaa haaa haaa haaa. You KNOW I feel your pain! Big difference is my hubby usually gets home from work in time to save the Kiddie-Monsters from the wrath of Momzilla! I am REALLY feelin' for you this week.

meow said...

oh!! totally cute!
so glad she's feeling better and up to her usual tricks.
So hard when you got sickies! cuddly or not. so hard. And you, esp. without hubby there to give you a break. oy!
btw, Frankie is a big under the table kinda guy too...that is when he's not climbing all over every other piece of furniture. The only difference is we have a rug under our dining table so the flash doesnt show the dust so so much. just the big pieces of food that i can later retouch out of the pic.
good times!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are precious beyond words!
Love the narrative, too, too cute!
So glad your precious is feeling better!
I think you have a little gymnast on your hands~ :)

Room for More said...

Yes, I am glad you got the cuddly stuff on film! I am glad she is feeling better, but oh my did she BOUNCE back! sweet pictures!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

heehee She is so adorable! What a smile that girl has!!! LOVE all the photos :) and yes the sweet cuddle one is priceless and to be treasured I am sure! :) Your floor looks SO CLEAN! I so want a cleaning woman for floors! That is my biggest upset and hardest thing to do FLOORS! and where do babies live? FLOORS!

big hugs
Noah's mama

Paula Perry said...

how cute! i love it when they are all snugerly bless her she's so sweet. glad she's feeling better.