Friday, January 23, 2009

Napcast: The Final Word... Or Is It?

What does Jeff think about the drama surrounding T-O this week?

Want to hear my challenge to everyone's favorite anonymous commenter?

Well then you're in luck! Napcast: Episode 4 has all the makings of a made-for-TV movie... drama, suspense and even some bad acting. Plus: If you listen now, you'll even get to hear sweet Lucy's debut Napcast appearance. Straight from her mama's lap, of course.

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Becky, Drew and Luci said...

Perfect! Although you're wrong on one thing...personally, I do NOT want to hear what she has to say! But don't you just know that she's still there...lurking...reading every comment, listening to the Napcast...hehehehhe...what a wench!

NOT anonymous...Becky G. at!

Anonymous said...

I loved this Napcast and awww...hearing Lucy's voice was sooo sweet! :) I'm glad you both put it out there! ;)

Room for More said...

I am off to listen! Of course your Lucy is in your lap! Let's just hope you weren't taping from the bathroom while she was on your lap, HA!!!

Your not at all anonymous friend,

Room for More said...

I just listened! Little Lucy sounds so deprived of attention! I could hear the stress in her voice, really Jackie! ha-ha-ha BIG wink ; )

Your posts about life with 3 small kids have such a light, fun and realness about them. We, as moms, are not all the same. We all do things differently. We all want the best for our families. This life is a journey and we are on the trip together. We encourage each other, we laugh, cry and pray for one another.

I don't spend time on blogs where the mom is not 'real'. Who has time for that? I might as well go watch some more TV, huh? ; )

You keep up the great work Jackie!!


meow said...

Go Go Jackie!
Of course you do realize
that anonymous was simply
"completely misunderstood"
It's right up there with
and then not given the
opportunity to explain herself.
Really Jackie, how could you?
Looks like she's trying to
forgive you though.
Lucky You!!!!!

Keep on Keepin on!!!

Ramona said...

I loved hearing Lucy says her words! And your passion (oh here goes) rocks! PS. Isn't it 2 words? Spell Check? :-)

Nicole said...

I just read all the drama on the blog, and wow-i have to say, i'm all for "mommy time" by herself! We need it or we'll go insane! Right? My daughter is my shadow and i literally trip over her at times b/c she's right there!
Am I a "bad mom" b/c it can make me a little crazy at times? Geez, i hope not. I'm such a BETTER mom when i do get those breaks.
Plus, children need to learn to be independent on their own to build self confidence and reassurance. There's nothing wrong w/ that.
I know there are moms out there that just LOVEEEE to be a mom and have 10 kids plus and homeschool and more and that's great for them . . . . honestly, i don't know how the heck they do it . . . but i do love being a mom, but i also love being me and having that "me time" as well. And, with my hubby! :)

It's important to be honest about your feelings and i enjoyed your post on trying to find something to entertain your daughter w/ on tv-b/c you need that break, but you still love them just as much!
Here's to peace to all!

Me said...
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Me said...

Jesus said it best in (Matthew 7:1) "Judge not lest ye be judged." Now, I wasn't there so I can't confirm it but regardless it's good advice - especially for douchebag cowards who post anonymously on here. Personally dump all over the author and then scram. Cut and run I believe was a term most recently used that best describes that.

I'm a mother. My kid is watching TV as I write this. Do I feel guilty? Nope. She had a good dinner. She's happy and she's getting a bath, 3 books and three songs sung to her before bed. That's more than I'm getting and I have a job.

Jack you rock as a mom and you know it. Everyone knows it. Even people with half a brain know it. Therefore you would need less than half of a brain in order to think Jackie was not an awesome mother.

I rest my case.