Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Huge Milestone

It was less than a year ago Jeff wrote and recorded "Song for Lucy," capturing the indescribable feelings running through us while we waited our daughter. While the song and video were well received, there was one big problem -- it didn't have a happy ending.

Now, ten months later... Lucy's been home four and a half months and is turning two! To commemorate the event, I've taken Song for Lucy and created the "after" video, sharing moments from "gotcha" day through blowing out the candles.

But before I share that in the next couple of days, here is...once again... the original "Song for Lucy."

We're off to enjoy "Lalapa-Lucy" weekend, including a Chinese New Year festival and kids party! I will share it all here very soon.


Ramona said...

In case you don't post tomorrow, Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful little Lucy! We hope you have a fun weekend with your family celebrating Lalapa-Lucy!

The Beaus

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! Love it... Lalapa-Lucy. Have a great weekend!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I absolutely can't wait to see the new video and of course the blowing out of candles! Wow can you beleive she is almost TWO! :) Wow! :) Happy Birthday and Happy Chinese New year to y'all!

Noah's mama

Georgina said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!
I hope I'm fortunate enough to adopt in the next few years, your blog is really inspiring =)

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lucy!

momwithfaithandhope said...

oooooohhh. . .that brought back so many memories of our wait. WE certainly "survied" Taiwan Lucy, didn't we?! That photo of the 3 heart frame and the "Reserved for Lucy" note made me tear up then, and made me tear up now. Happy, happy 2nd birthday Lucy! Can't wait to see the new video, and sure do hope you have a fantastic Lalapa-Lucy!!