Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Family Expands... Two More Kids!

We are proud to announce our two new children -- Samantha and Zaig.

OK, before you say, "have they gone absolutely nuts," Samantha and Zaig were born into our family a few weeks ago -- through Jacob's imagination. In fact, even though they just arrived recently, according to Jacob, both of them are older siblings -- Samantha is ten years old and Zaig is nine.

There are tremendous benefits to having two imaginary children.

• They are quiet, polite and never fight.
• They keep Jacob entertained and expand his creative mind.
• He's been perfecting his empathy and compassion on them.
• They don't require beds, clothing, food or toys.
• No babysitter necessary!
• They're a tax deduction. (They are, right?)

I have to say, having Samantha and Zaig around is a joy. Had I known how easy it would be to raise them, maybe we wouldn't have gone with the other three (wink, wink).


momwithfaithandhope said...

What a creative imagination! Sounds like a perfect set of older kids! Do they work as traveling babysitters without compensation or complaining? I saw the title, and was wondering if it was you who found a sibling set, or if you had new nieces/nephews. . .good laugh!

Anonymous said...

The little yellow people resemble you and Jeff!!!

Ramona said...

Oh what a wonderful thought. Quiet, well-mannered children. Invisible? Hmmm, guess there's times that'd work, too. But maybe the joke's on you and Jacob is pretending Sam & Zaig are his quiet, well-mannered, invisible parents!

Sarah said...

thanks for my giggle for the day!

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, you crack me up!

Expecting Good Things said...

Oh Jackie, That's Hilarious! I read it to my husband. How cute. The photo completely makes this story ya know. :)