Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Blah Blah Eve

When you marry a guy who was born on December 31st, you have two choices. Disappoint him by pushing the big day aside, focusing more on what the rest of the world is doing -- celebrating the new year. OR let NYE play second fiddle and celebrate the day of his birth.

When Jeff and I started dating, I made the commitment to do the latter. In 2001, we had the most incredible party on a roof top in West Hollywood. All of the guests were not only told that we wouldn't be celebrating the new year until 11:00 p.m., but they happily obliged, showering Jeff with lots of love, attention and birthday wishes. In 2006, we put all bets on Jeff when we celebrated the big 4-0 with a casino night.

Today, while you all finalize your plans for dinner, or dancing or just cozying up with family, I will be celebrating the blessing that is the birth of my husband. And thanking my in laws for the most important gift life has ever given me.

To the rest of you... Happy New Year! We'll be joining you in the celebration at 11 p.m.! Happy Birthday, Jeff. And I truly mean it when I say you just keep getting better with age.

Enjoy a little ditty the boys sung up last night.


Room for More said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! Yes, your birthday and our anniversary come first and THEN NYE! I hope it is a great one!!

Rhea & Shannon

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! I count myself so lucky to have met you both in Taiwan and been blessed enough to witness you meet your daughter for the first time Jeff! You are a terrific Daddy!

Tami and Bobby sends wishes too!
Noah's mama