Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look Who's Talking

It's not uncommon for adoptive parents to have a child evaluated for any potential developmental delays. Being no stranger to early intervention, we decided to seek out any assistance Lucy may need now and not wait to find out if she will, in fact, fall behind given all of the challenges she's faced already in her short life. Not many parents know there are regional centers all around the country who are there to help young children in the community achieve their goals... and it's all free of charge. (email me for more info if you need it) From speech and social skills to fine motor and occupational therapy, it's all there for those families who need it.

Yesterday, after weeks of trying to get someone on the phone to move the process forward, I finally spoke with a woman who was taking information about Lucy in order to see if she qualified for services. It was during that conversation that my daughter took the opportunity to communicate using something other than "eh eh eh" and pointing -- as she pulled about 8-10 new words out of nowhere and followed them up with a big toothy proud grin.

Once she actually performs on demand and I get video, you'll hear her clear as day mutter "cup, thank you, more, Max (her friend), night-night, milk, water (wawa) and all done."

I'm surprised she didn't grab the phone from me and tell the woman herself that she's doing just fine and won't be needing their services.


Ramona said...

Oooh, so glad you got hold of someone. Isn't that something - she displayed her vocal talent right at that moment. Hate to say it, but I think she won this round. :-)

The Family K. said...

Cute picture of Miss Lucy. Funny, isn't it, how they always choose the opportune moment to "prove" you wrong? I'm sure no one ever thought my oldest son had colic because he always stopped fussing and turned on the charm right before they came. Anyhow, glad to hear that Lucy is learning so quickly.

meow said...

Yay Lucy!
aren't words the best?
i love the talkies.

Unknown said...

That's great! Way to go Lucy!

I definitely recommend finding services if you need them to anyone. We are doing speech 2x a week and now we've added OT once a week desperately hoping for talking progress! In five months she's slowing coming around.

Nicole said...

Hi! I did the same thing w/ K-got her evaluated and when the therapist came to evaluate her, she counted at least 50 words! For some reason i wasn't hearing them that well-but the therapist was!
Long story short-she didn't need any therapy, but it was good to at least check it out.
Now she won't stop talking! :)

Tisra said...

Good to know. I don't think those services are widely publicized. And, Way to go, Lucy!

momwithfaithandhope said...

This is wonderful news and what a super cute picture! Gracyn met her Speech Therapist, waiting on OT, and hopefully her sessions will begin after the holidays. Can't wait to see Lucy climbing and talking or screaming all at once!!!! Wait till she starts singing!!

Unknown said...

I would love any information that you can provide (esp. free?). My son is 2 and a half and he says maybe 10 words that I can understand.

I have scheduled to have him eval. but its like a 2 mo wait. Looking forward to the day we can chat.