Monday, November 10, 2008


When planning for Lucy, we were fully aware that things would need to change for a while -- helping her and the boys adjust was top priority. We assumed that date night was a thing of the past, never mind a night away sans kids.

But the reality of 24/7 with three kids four-and-under and giving up couple time is much harder in real life than it is in theory and, frankly, we. needed. a. break.

So when we were asked to celebrate Jeff's only brother's (aka Uncle Scott) 40th birthday in Las Vegas, we did what we could to make it happen. We eased Lucy in to it by having the sitter come once a week -- having meals and doing nap time together to make it easier while we were gone.

So off we went Saturday morning. After the anxiety-ridden ride to the airport -- hey, I didn't leave without guilt and mom-nerves -- we parked the car and took the shuttle to the terminal. Wait a second, all I had in my arms was a purse? Jeff and I brought only the necessities and it fit into one carry on bag. It felt liberating, yet completely awkward to walk through the airport security without the sweat and tears that come with dragging kids out of a stroller, removing all backpacks and shoes and prying the new, favorite toy out of their little traveling hands.

Now what? We had a few minutes before boarding.

You know those crowded, energetic airport bars? Without kids, we were actually welcomed with smiles when we walked in.

Do I want a drink? Like a drink, drink? But it's noon! Um, yes... yes, I do.

We boarded the plane, buckled up and then heard we'd have to wait 30 minutes before taking off. Wait, we'd have to sit here, buckled up and not leave for a half hour? That's OK, we don't have kids! We chatted up the pilot (well, not THE pilot of our plane, of course) sitting next to us (Hi Steve!) and enjoyed having an adult conversation. Although it didn't come without someone whining for food. Yeah, I never did get to eat breakfast that morning and I was so hungry! Our new BFF Pilot Steve walked up to the front of the plane and got me not one bag of peanuts, but an armful, and dropped them all in my lap. No matter what would happen in Vegas, I had just won the snack jackpot. Thanks again, Steve!
                                           Pilot Steve packing peanuts

We arrive in Vegas and forgo the $60 cab ride and opt to wait for the hotel shuttle. Might as well grab a little lunch so we head into another overpriced airport eatery and order a sandwich to split. $17 later, we had one cold turkey sandwich, wrapped in cellophane, and two sodas. At least we saved on the cab, right?
                                              Jeff with our fancy sandwich

We take the shuttle to our hotel and check in. If you've never been to the Red Rock Hotel in Vegas, I definitely recommend. Pretty far off the strip but has everything you need right there, including a movie theater and bowling alley.

                                             Never ending hallway to room 10,151

We take the elevator -- complete with dance mix music blaring from its speakers -- up to the 10th floor. We walk (and walk... and walk) the hallway to our room. We were so amused by the length of the hallway, we actually timed how long it took us to casually stride to room 10,151 -- two minutes, 22.7 seconds. Can you imagine doing that one with three small kids?

                                 With the birthday boy, Scott, and Pam
After a fun afternoon/night of friends, family, dinner, drinks and music -- with the tiniest bit of gambling -- we hit the sack around 12:30 a.m. -- the first of the group to call it a night.

6:00 a.m. came around quickly and we were up showering, grabbing coffee and catching the 7:00 shuttle back to the airport. Nothing like a horribly turbulent flight (it was so bad that the flight attendants never even got up) and 24 hours of grownup time to make you want to get home and hug the kids.

When we arrived home, the kids were so happy to see us and, although we were tired, we were rejuvenated by the break and ready to go.

Of course the honeymoon phase ended quickly when Brady proceeded to get sick in every room upstairs through the rest of the night.

Welcome home.


Ramona said...

I sucked up every word of this post as I longed to be you for a day. Think I'll read it again....

Nicole said...

Good for you taking some quality time with the hubby! Too many people are AFRAID to leave their little one at home-and i totally disagree with that. They need to grow independence, and this teaches them that, YES, mommy and daddy are coming back! :)

And, mommy and daddy need time alone-it's healthy for the entire family!
LOVE Vegas-i'm sure you had a blast! Isn't that wonderful to sit on the plane and actually read a book-aaaaahhhhh, what we didn't appreciate before having children. HA!
Congrats and happy b-day to the hubby!

Rebecca Lily said...

I can't even remember the last time my hubby and I did something like this... WAY too long ago obviously!!! Glad you guys had some time away - love all the pics from your trip!!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Good for you, and to carry just one handbag? That MUST be liberating. . .I don't even invest in nice new handbags anymore! Hope it was fun! Sorry to hear about the sick kiddo ending the par-tay. Hope he's feeling better!

Room for More said...

What fun! Several years ago Rhea and I went to Hawaii for a week. It was wonderful & difficult to be away all at the same time. That pic of Dadtastic and that sandwich is hilarious! What a "oh well" kind of face! lol Thanks for the virtual peek into your weekend : ) Shannon

Tisra said...


I am THRILLED for you! Yes, bonding needs to happen, but I know that you made a wise choice for your sanity and your marriage by carving out this day for the two of you to re-connect! Doesn't it work wonders?!

Maci Miller said...

How fun that got to get away! Funny, we missed you by a week. We are headed to Vegas next weekend for our last vacation as a couple before we travel to Thailand. Can't wait!

Expecting Good Things said...

I LOVED that post! You're hilarious! How fun! It looked like you guys had a nice time.

Megan said...

Rock on Girlfriend...u r so brave to leave the little ones! Remember what happens in Vegas will wind up on your blog!