Thursday, October 30, 2008

Excuse Me, Your Slip Is Showing

Recent comments have had words like "amazing" and "supermom" when reacting to a post. While I am so thankful for the support and nice words, I have to laugh when I read things like that. In fact, I'm sure my family and friends get a good chuckle at it too thinking, "boy, they really don't know Jackie!"

So here are ten of my own guilty admissions to prove I am neither amazing, nor a supermom. Hey, I just may lose some readers when you get to see how fun I am to live with!

1. I lose my patience at least several times a week
2. Sometimes turn on the TV for longer than I should
3. Get extremely annoyed at things that you can't force kids to do -- like eating veggies or sleeping.
4. Our special one-night-a-week "breakfast for dinner" sometimes happens more than once a week.
5. I yell -- sometimes a lot.
6. I lock myself away for a few minutes at a time hoping they won't find me.
7. I sometimes dread the 30 minutes of stories at bedtime and would rather lie mindlessly in front of the TV than to read Dr. Seuss for the 5,000th time (although I do fake it well).
8. I lie to the kids about what's in their food -- even though Jeff asks me not to.
9. I snap at my husband when I'm tired and/or overwhelmed.
10. Sometimes, I wait before jumping out of bed when I hear a kid crying at night, hoping Jeff will get there first.

Like (I'm hoping) other families, some days are just filled with constant reprimanding and refereeing, while others turn out even better than how I, as a young, single girl, fantasized life could be. And I want this blog to be a true depiction of that -- real life -- and the phenomenal successes and complete and utter failures that go along with it -- whether it be through parenting, working, or just trying to be a positive female member of society. My search to find balance and quality of life is extremely important to me and I want to hear from readers about things they've learned or perhaps struggled with along the way. I want to make people laugh, think and participate in whatever way they want.

Just don't call me Supermom.


The Family K. said...

Okay, then, I'll call you Wonderwoman. I think even the most amazing moms experience everything you just listed. What makes them incredible is the unyielding love they have for their children. That definitely shines through in all the stories of ups and downs that you share.

Oh - and if it makes you feel any better, I found myself breaking down in tears while scrubbing the toilet the other day. The joy of raising children was just washing over me (she said sarcastically). Know that you are not alone in the quest to maintain your parental sanity.

Becky, Drew and Luci said...

Hmmm, sounds like me!

Rebecca Lily said...

I too feel a little guilty when people say things like "supermom"!! And I can certainly relate to all 10 of your admissions. :) I yell too, and my hubby and I have our share of spats! I hope that what shines through my blog is that I do have a sense of humor about REAL life (just like I know you do!). And girl, you certainly haven't lost me! Keep on keepin' it real. :)


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

You can't get rid of me that easy Jackie! sorry

Your admissions just make me luv ya more!

Noah's mama

Anonymous said...

I love you. I really needed to hear that another mom yells also. I've vowed and tried so hard not to but somedays, I just can't help it. Thanks for making this mom not feel so alone. :) And, I do everything you listed also. :)

Unknown said...

Ok, don't be supermom. Be Realistic Mom, I like that one even better. And I've done pretty much everything on your list (just this week in fact). So no worries, you're just as Super as the rest of us :)

Anonymous said...

In fact, I'm sure my family and friends get a good chuckle at it too thinking, "boy, they really don't know Jackie!"


Anonymous said...

I only have one child and have felt all of that... thank you for sharing! But btw, I still kind of think you're super mom!

Maci Miller said...

I won't say Supermom, but I will say you are an inspiration! Reading your ups and down and pure honesty is so great. It's important for me to read things about the reality of it instead of just fantasizing about the fun dress up and play times. Right now I am DYING to read bedtime stories! Can you tell I am a first time mom? Yea, I'm sure you are shaking your head, going just wait, kid!

JackieMacD said...

I love how those family members who comment always keep themselves anonymous. hmmm - you think I don't know who it is????? ;)

Thanks for all the great comments -- it's always good to know we're not alone. I think that's the very best thing about the whole blog world. And Jen, there are days where reading bed time stories brings me to tears. I am amazed that I get to raise these three exquisite creatures. (but then one kid fights that it's his turn to choose a story!) So no, it doesn't necessarily get old...the same story over and over... sometimes, I need a break and sometimes, we just need to switch up the books. :)

momwithfaithandhope said...

Okay, no supermom. . .How 'bout ZEN Mom. . .you have a magical way of keeping it all balance. Without the snapping at DH every now and then, date-night wouldn't be as fun. Without Dr. Suess, TV would be boring instead of a pleasure. . .I confess. I watched Grey's Anatomy AND ER last night. Oh, and I kept the little one out in the family room with me so if she woke for a bottle I wouldn't have to interrupt regular programming. . .see, balance. . .I don't feel bad. We were both happy!

Nicole said...

Good post-i too agree that non of us are supermoms-we try to let everyone think that-but it's better not too.
I enjoy being around other moms like me-more REALISTIC moms that all agree being a mom is darn right hard! :)
Sometimes blogs only show the sunny side of life. I think it's good to talk about the real side of life more so others don't feel inferior and realize they're not alone. It's not always a bed of roses.
So, thanks for your post.

Yvonne Crawford said...

I so hear ya!! I do most of them too every week!!

Michelle said...