Monday, September 1, 2008

What Do You Mean I'm Not Pregnant?

Let's see... I've got a head cold, yet I'm bouncing off the walls here organizing toys and closets, straightening up everything from the kids' stuff, to my own clothes (some I haven't seen in years), to our kitchen pantry——doing the whole out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new.

Isn't that what they call 'nesting'? And don't women do it right before going into labor?

Just sayin'.

Oh, and if you want some goosebumps or big, fat tears on your face... go to Tiff's blog and see the moment it all began with Gracyn. Congrats to the family of FOUR!

P.S. Hey Lucy, if you happen to be reading by now and you're computer savvy, maybe you can see this. You're 19 months today, little girl. Remember this day, it's the very last time you'll get a month older without having your family there to celebrate. We're six days (and two hours, but who's counting?) away from the rest of our lives. Get some rest... you're gonna need it.



Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Happy 19 month bday to Miss Lucy and to Mommy! I am nesting too so don't feel alone! Hey we even share the same due date! :) heehee It hit me today that I have basically 2 days if you dont count today or the day we fly out to get the house ready, food for those staying, everything packed and figure out what I am doing! EEEK

hugs to you my friend
Noah's Mommy

William's Family said...

No doubt about it: you're nesting. Who says you need to have a child inside your body to go maternally beserk? After waiting so long, I'm sure there's something deliciously wonderful (and crazy!) about all the preparations. Enjoy the time!

The Adventures of Jing and Ying said...

I'm a long time lurker of your blog and am so, so excited for your family. I can't tell you how many times I watched Lucy's Song and cried for you guys.

And the nesting...totally normal. I did that with both my adoptions. You might as well get organized now, because pretty soon you'll be 110% focused on your beautiful daughter.

Again, congratulations to your famiily!!!

The family of six said...

You are SOOOO pregnant!!! And I am SOOOO excited for you!!! One more week girl!!!!

Steve n Coco said...

Yikes! You better get some rest too... labor is HARD work!!