Thursday, September 18, 2008

Techy Geek

UPDATE: So, I lied. This WILL be my only post today. What I didn't mention was the week began with an asthmatic almost 3-year-old at the ER (he's fine now, thankfully) and just added to the fun with a bout of bronchitis for Lucy. Note to adopting parents: have your insurance worked out before you travel or the second you get back. Things progress quickly when world-traveling little ones get sick.

Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me... all the cool gadgets and tricks have made me quite the computer nerd. At first, Jeff was a little put-off I think -- HE likes to be the computer-savvy one. But now I think he likes it! (right, honey?)

Anyway, I added a new feature to the sidebar where you can add yourself to the "Taiwan On followers." I would love to see who's reading...especially those who don't comment as often as others do... so click on "follow" and let me know you're there!

P.S. Don't worry... this probably won't be my only post today. I'm sure there will be more to tell than what's gone on so far today... between planning time at the auto body shop, having another repairman give us an $800 estimate to fix a $600 washing machine and our cold-ridden Lucy throwing up an entire bottle on Jeff (Psst...stuffy girls, full bottles of formula and rocking in a chair are a terrible mix.)... I should have more to tell as the dust settles.


Rebecca Lily said...

I'm a nerdy girl, too. :) Blog designing turned me into one (or brought it out of me, one or the other!)

Your day sounds a little stressful - maybe a glass of wine and some chocolate are in order after the kids are in bed. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, Jackie! What a day!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

aww poor Miss Lucy! Noah has a cold too but luckily we have not had the through up issue. Hope you get your washer fixed soon!

Noah's Mama

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, bronchitis! And the ER for B! Good luck over there.

The family of six said...

Oh Jackie that is terrible. I hope your little guys is doing better. Randy has asthma too - scarey huh? We had to take Sarah to the doctor too when we got back and the insurance tried at first to claim "pre-exsisting condition" but then they backed down. It's illegal for them to do that.

Rebecca Lily said...

Did you have a glass of wine and chocolate instead of doing another post? I don't blame you one bit. :)

Praying everyone is healthy again soon!