Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life's a Picnic

From our agency picnic on Saturday. Enjoy!


Tisra said...


The whole family looks great. Tell Jeff he's SUPPOSED to be tired! Truly, as far as needing rest and down time, adopting is no different than coming home with a newborn from the hospital. Or, at least that's how I'll handle it when it becomes our turn- I'm wearing pjs for a month! :-)

Now, from my sweet son, Grant, who still asks about Lucy:

I love the blog it is so cute. I love that she has a friend i love what her brothers do for her. They are so sweet and nice.I just love everything.

lorabelle said...

wow she is smiling almost all the time! Is she always like that now? I'm so happy that everyone is adjusting so well. It's really amazing when you think about all the things these sweet babies go through. Love the new pic!

Room for More said...


The smiles, laughter and playing...a beautiful family! Lucy looks like she is adjusting well! Whenever I pop open your blog and the kids see, they say "Oh, is that Lucy? I want to see." I loved both slideshows. You caught some great moments!

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Hi Jackie,
Thank you so much for continuing to share your journey. I can't imagine the flood of emotions you must be having each day, especially seeing your three precious kiddos together by that tree!! Bless you all.