Tuesday, August 12, 2008

National Middle Child Day

As I was searching the Internet, I discovered that today is National Middle Child Day. Up until now, that would have never affected me. Here I am, the 11th of 13 kids and married to a man who has only one sibling.

But, as of a week ago, I now have a middle child. I feel fortunate that my middle child is laid back enough to let me interact with others yet such a presence that he'll never fade into the background. I was taking some shots of Jeff over the weekend for the next Song Fu contest and my middle child climbed right up and said "cheese!" How can you not want to munch on those cheeks?

There are lots of tips out there for parents of a middle child.

1. Never compare your children to one another.
2. Treat each accomplishment individually and be sure to give proper attention to each.
3. Give your children a chance to try different things individually to find their own unique talents.
4. Make one-on-one time for each child.
5. Never tell one child that he is better or more talented than another.
6. Show equality among the children- make the rules the same and the expectations the same.
7. Show as much love as possible to all of your children.
8. Celebrate Middle Child Day.

My middle child is hilariously funny, sweeter than anyone, and passionately opinionated. I love you, my little Bubbakins.

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