Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kind of Like Hold Music...for Blogs

I know I've been kind of quiet lately. Getting everything together, spending as much time with boys as I can and trying to get a little sleep in before the fabulous chaos ensues has kept me busy.

So I thought I would just do a post to tide you over until I've gotten my act together.

Here are some stories from momlogic that I thought you might find interesting...

One written by me:
Dear Christina Applegate...

And another by a very brave friend:
Mommy for 4 Months

Speaking of writing... I've gotten some funny emails from those wanting to take over the blog for me while we're busy with Lucy. Keep 'em coming! I would love to post all the entries over the weekend!

And, for a little reminiscing before we take off in 9 DAYS, here is a last peek at my video diary from my trip to Taiwan in May.

I've got a lot more to share but tough to get my head wrapped around it all...I'll have something new to say later in the week!

PS: You've got less than 48 hours to listen to Jeff's song and VOTE. Thanks for all the wonderful support!

1 comment:

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Hey Girl :)

Can't wait to meet you on the other side of the ocean :) I hope I can pull this all together. You sound so prepared and organized.

hugs to you
Noah's Mommy