Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Went Right!

For 4+ years, I've walked into kids' clothing stores and gone directly to the boys section. I always glanced over at the girls clothes and felt a pang... not to say I don't LOVE how fun it is to shop for boys... all that khaki and navy blue... but I always dreamed of stopping by the little ladies area too.

Today, in our local over-priced-yet-adorable kids' clothing store--where the boys are to the left and girls to the right--I walked in, bee-lined for the boys section...stoppped and exclaimed, "oh my God, I can go right!

And boy did I ever.


Unknown said...

Wahoo! Happy Go Right Day :)

Many more Go Right Days to come!

Tamara said...

Oh Jackie -

I know!!!! I love my two little guys, but I'm sooo excited to get my hands on some of those pink pretties on the right side!!!! Just waiting for I600 to go on a big shopping trip!!


Anonymous said...

I agree! I always loved shopping for Holden but then I got to buy girls' clothes too and it was double the fun! (Beware of the Mini Boden catalog...cutest girls' clothes ever!)
Congrats again!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

awww how sweet! :) I am so happy for you! I can relate in a way. For 20 years I had only a girl, now I havea little man! :)

Noah's Mommy

Sarah and Dan Sullivan said...

I've got two wonderful little boys but let's face it, boy clothes are just not that fun. Happy shopping!!!! Sarah = )

momwithfaithandhope said...

I'm with you girlfriend! Beeline for the girly gear! I'm still figuring out where everything is - socks, tights, hair clips! HAVE FUN! Bug Hugs, Tiff

Tisra said...

Been there! Two boys, and then our daughter. Girl clothes are WAY more fun! And, I'm not a shopper-type, but I had lots of fun "going right".

waiting for our next little one who will also wear pink!

Anonymous said...

I remember that moment after the two boys of finally getting to shop for PINK!!! And, hairbows!!! It was soooo much fun! I'm feeling the need for some "girl moments" since I'm in a house again with only boys now that Erica is off at college. I'll have to live vicariously through you and enjoy every moment of Lucy's homecoming.
Love and blessings,

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Such an AWESOME post!! Its thrilling to share in your excitement with you. I have four boys and have always dreamed about going Right too!! :)